Welcome to Paleo Digby!

I am Lynette Lawrence your Paleo Baker & Awakened Paleo Chef at your service. I say Awakened because I don’t have a Certification to warrant the Title of a “Chef”, but my experience says I might be an Old Soul carrying the DNA of one that may have been a Baker or a Chef at one lifetime.  I grew up baking and cooking but not really loving it until I became a Paleo Eater. Since we started eating Paleo my passion in Cooking was aroused. Every ingredient triggered the senses. I began to get familiar with the taste, the aroma, the texture of the ingredients. I started concocting Recipes as I removed preservatives and chemicals in food, making everything from scratch so that the food I serve comes to Just Real Food. The FUN of Revising and Creating new Recipes was born. Then I couldn’t stop, thus the conception of our New Lifestyle.

My husband Bob & I have been on the Paleo food regime for 5 years now and we continue to do so because for us there is no other way to eat that supports a Healthy, Abundant, Joyful Living and the Peace and Creativity of the Mind. This website hopes to delight you with our stories, cheerful experiences, and creativity in living our Paleolithic Lifestyle. I will be sharing our Life Journey and Purpose as Paleolithic Revivals, Lots of Paleo Recipes, a Food Gallery that will make you hungry and What the Lawrences are Doing so that you may be able to join us as we Host a Paleo Eat In at our Homestead.

So once again…Welcome!