July Newsletter


Hello Summer! It has been a hot one and the garden is in full bloom! Paleo Digby has been out of sight for the most part of July but we are aiming to do more for the rest of the season. We were trying to get back to the Farmers Market both in Annapolis Royal & Digby after my short trip to Vancouver. The weather forecasts have not co-operated with us. So we have had to come up with a solution to beat it.

July has been productive as far as our mini-farm is concerned. As planned, this year we have grown the medicinal plants for Teas and they are thriving. I have started drying them and making them into teas. We still have to try them all but our favorite so far is the Tulsi, followed by the Lavender and Chamomile.  This summer, the Dandelions are still in existence and as we pull these weeds, the roots just come out very easily. Guess what we are doing as we pull them? We are cutting off the roots to dry and powder them to make tea. Another wonderful weed we have had the pleasure to experience is the Broadleaf Plantain. Early this month, we came down with Cold Symptoms and I harvested some of the plantain leaves, boiled them so we could drink it. What a wonderful Expectorant it was! It allowed us sleep during that time.

We have also enjoyed our greens for salad and it’s time to replenish the lettuce, spinach, pac-choi and the kale. In the meantime, the backyard is full of edible weeds that augmented the green salads. I truly enjoyed foraging the broadleaf plantain, dandelion leaves and purslane to create a delicious meal. Add the edible flowers to them, it’s almost too pretty to eat.  We are expecting lots of Roma Tomatoes ( which I planted to make Sun-dried tomatoes) and Dill Cucumbers. We have already harvested some Cauliflower and Beets.

Aside from edible flowers, medicinal herbs and vegetables, this year I also started to plant Psyllium Husk, Camelina or Goolden Flax and Black Chia. I learned how to grow them, harvest and prepare them for baking/cooking. It took a lot of time and effort but it was quite meditative to work on them. No, they couldn’t be rushed so you might as well relax as you spend the time removing the husks with your fingers.

Our Bees are a bit slow in production this year but they are hard working regardless. Whatever they produce this year will be enough for our own consumption and that’s really what we wanted. If they produced more to share with others that would be alright as well.

Now that we are now in the month of August… the NEWs is… Paleo Digby is set for Online Ordering/Farm Gate Pick up for Baked Goods. Yes, not only you can get them from the Farmers Markets ( Annapolis Royal & Digby) it is now being made available to those who love our Treats from our Homestead. On our Home page, you will see the Order Menu and our phone number so you can call to see what is available. The Menu includes the photograph of the ingredients used in each cake/ bread/muffins/cookies. Sorry, it’s CASH only. We like to keep it simple.

Well, hope you are all enjoying the Summer. We will be seeing you at Markets.


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