We are sorry to cancel our Paleo Hosting for 2018. We want to do this right and we are running out of time to meet our schedule this year. It has been a very busy year preparing the backyard and our garden to produce the organic food we would like to serve. It’s all about the quality, of the space, the ambiance, the food and the time we’d like you to experience. Thus we will postpone it until next year. That will give us more than enough time to prepare our Paleo Dining with you. See you then!


Welcome! We are happy to Host Lunch/DINNER at our Lavender Rose Homestead. Let’s gather outside and feast at our 14 seater Harvest Table surrounded by our Garden.  We have the following Hosting Dates for 2018.

June 21, 2018, Thursday             LUNCH at the Homestead

July 26, 2018  Thursday              DINNER at the Homestead

August 15, 2018 Wednesday     LUNCH at the Homestead

August 30, 2018  Thursday        DINNER at the Homestead