What’s New? April

April Newsletter.


We are already in the middle of April, the Tulips have sprouted, the Bees are out and so are We. Bob & I are busy tackling our outdoor projects. As you know, we are holding our first backyard Paleo Host Dining in June (see Blogs for details). We are preparing the backyard for this event, building planter boxes where the Roses (climbers) will grow and a serving table near the harvest table. Next would be recreating the Garden under the big tree with additional medicinal plants, whimsical Fairy houses and the like, and of course reinstalling the Fairy Lights.

This month the Paleo Host Dining Experience was published in www.eatwith.com. Search Digby Nova Scotia, Canada and the date June 21st to see the Menu and to book for this Event. Come with your friends and family and join us.

I have started planting the seeds in the Greenhouse. This year I am growing new medicinal plants to make Teas with. That’s right Teas! We were fortunate to acquire another property to extend our homestead to… The Lavender Rose Homestead Part II, the home of these new plants. Our dream for this property is to make it a Tea House serving the tea we have grown. This will also become the home of Paleo Digby’s Baked Goods. With one step at a time, we are moving towards this dream. The baby step (my action about being in the moment) is to plant these future teas first.

Meanwhile, I have been trying new recipes as well. The Annapolis Royal Farmers Market is opening soon and each year, I deliver new Paleo Baked Goods to the Market. This is to give Paleo Digby new Energy, and the fact that I do get bored with Regularity/Normality. I can’t even follow my own recipes at times. For Me Baking is like Painting and Ingredients are my Colours. So many ideas popping up in my head and so many possibilities to explore, all in good time.

I will update you with how the plants are growing and how the garden is coming along in May. Have a wonderful Spring All!

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