June Newsletter



Hello! It’s June already and I missed writing the May Newsletter! It has been a busy Spring preparing and cleaning up the garden, growing plants, maintaining the garden and catching up with the plants that are ready to be transplanted. Now, I have to pay attention to what needs to be harvested like my salad greens. If you are a gardener, you know what I mean.

As I mentioned before, I will update you with what is going on with the Paleo Hosting. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the plan to host this year. My growing the garden this year is quite ambitious. I tried to grow 40 Medicinal Herbs for teas of which 31 have grown that I needed to create beds for. That took away a lot of my time to prepare the hosting area in the backyard. My husband Bob did very well to finish the Rose Climbers’ boxes and the serving table. At least we now don’t have to worry about that in the future. You can only do so much in a day. That said, I have not given up with the idea of doing a Paleo Hosting. The Harvest Table will always be here, I am always cooking Paleo, and our homestead is developing into what we intend it to be, a home of clean food and magical experience.

I am grateful that despite the weather we are having, the plants I have planted are growing. The vegetables are slow but they are thriving. The bees are out and the garden is in bloom. We harvested the honey from what we left the bees in the Fall and we are now sold out. Our chickens are abundantly laying eggs. We get a regular supply of 28-29 eggs daily from our 29 chickens. Thankful for the new Digby Market, we are able to sell them off quickly at $5/dozen for organic fed free run chicken eggs.

So yes! Aside from the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market, we now have 2 markets to attend to. The new Digby Market looks very promising with regards to my Paleo baked goods. People are stopping by and asking questions, confirming what they know, some who are familiar are surprised to see us there. Both those who are Paleo eaters and the ones new to Paleo were buying to try having a taste. The Annapolis Royal Market started off the season for us with a big bang. We sold out on our first day. So overall, we are happy to be back!

In the meantime, aside from the Farmers Markets we continue to do our baby steps towards bigger plans. All is well!

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