The Paleo Beginnings

10629662_10206942439816007_1704801811220607175_nMany have asked Bob & I, how did we start eating Paleo? What made us change our diet? It was really a surprise, a shift that we didn’t even know was happening to us at that time.

It was in February 2013 when I saw a post on Facebook about Paleo Baking. I was intrigued when I saw the ingredients…they showed baking using Nuts and Coconut Flour. I have never heard of nuts as flour nor was aware that there was such thing as coconut flour. I went to the Paleo page to see what it was about. During this time, I was already toying with different ingredients in baking. I was already using Spelt and Buckwheat to make some bread. I didn’t know why but again, I was just attracted to the exoticity of these grains as an ingredient for baking. This was what happened when I saw the different flour substitutes that this Paleo page shared on Facebook.

I had also started making a shift before my introduction to whole grains. I was into detoxing and juicing and paying more attention to cooking for my family in 2011. The presentation of the meals being served was being done with more care and love. I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing at that time. I knew though that I wanted to eat more healthily to lose weight. As any diet, it was short lived. My family enjoyed a wide variety of food from the Supermarket, from vegetables, fruits, meat, chocolates, baked goods, snack food to soda and juice drinks. We loved eating out or ordering in. I was what you  consider a pop and chips addict despite the spurts of healthy eating. I loved Pepsi/Coke and my family joined me when it came to snack food. We loved Cheetos and Nacho Chips, the cheesier the better. We also loved desserts, like Black Forest cake from Safeway and Starbuck’s Lemon Cake. We had a habit of ordering in Pizza and Boston Pizza’s Nacho Chips was a definite temptation. Luckily we stayed healthy despite all these addictions that we didn’t need Paleo to help us cure any sicknesses. We were really fortunate.

How did we get so lucky? I think it was not luck, it was a Blessing waiting to happen. You see, in 2012 Bob & I made a trip to see John of God in Abadiania, Brazil at separate times. Bob went there first to receive his physical healing which he got. I went there to ask about my Soul/Life Purpose to which was revealed to me. We believed the change of diet was part of the answer to our Life & Soul Purpose. Many miracles were revealed to us since that trip that led to looking after our health, physically, mentally and spiritually. Since we started our Paleo way of life 2013, we never looked back.

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