Paleo Lifestyle’s Early Stages

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As I began enjoying the new Paleo recipes, I was also being educated by the articles sharing these recipes. At first, I was only interested into trying these wheat free recipes. I was excited to use the Coconut oil and just happy to stop cooking with Olive oil not because I cared about the coconut oil standing heat at a higher temperature of cooking than the olive oil but I just simply loved coconut… period. My regular use of the Paleo ingredients opened my eyes to WHY we avoided certain food. Paleo is not just about being different or some kind of a trend, I realized that there was more to Paleo. I found out that this food regime is about waking up to how the Food System (It is one of the segments of systems controlled and run by governments, along with the big corporations with  participation by the pharmaceutical corporations), is affecting our health. I started understanding the problem we are having in our food system and how this impacts our HEALTH. The Paleo diet clearly shows why we have to avoid the food we don’t eat as Paleo eaters.

While becoming aware of GMO seeds, preservatives and chemicals in our food, I was also in the midst of Spiritual Awakening towards my Soul Purpose. My trip to John of God in 2012 that led to the change of diet in early 2013 was just the beginning of knowing what that Purpose is. Our Ascension Journey has begun and it became very clear that what we fed our bodies was necessary to move forward this Soul journey. We had to choose to practice Self Love more than Self- Discipline in order for us to remove the chemicals we were feeding our bodies including any kind of medication. Not only that we became aware of the radicals that we may be ingesting, we have also worked on eliminating chemicals from our personal and household products. In 2014 the idea to move to Nova Scotia was born so that we could grow our own food without chemicals. Today we have achieved this, our garden is free from fertilizers and pesticides.

Paleo has actually given us Freedom. We are free from using drugs and getting sick. It has also empowered us to not be dependent on the broken Health System. Our bodies became our number one priority. We LIVE to support our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This became our major purpose in living. Many would agree that to eat Paleo is expensive but Living the Paleo way has also saved us a lot of money. We hardly eat out anymore as very seldom we find a restaurant that will serve us what we can eat. We have no food wasted. Everything is being consumed immediately. Our fridge is mostly always empty because we only buy the produce we need and we have no store bought dressings and sauces to keep in the fridge. Our pantry is not filled with boxes. The ingredients lists are the same every time we go for food shopping. Making food from scratch from these ingredients is less expensive than paying for the containers as well. Yes, eating Organic could be costly but we don’t have extra groceries that then sit in the pantry getting old either, plus, growing our food, having our own eggs & honey and making our spices and teas, that keep some of the money in our pocket.

Paleo could be time consuming. Most people will find that it is hard to stay on this regime because one has to prepare and cook all the food. That is true, there is no way around it. However, as any meals…it can be planned ahead. I find that what helps is cooking in big quantities where we can eat the left over the next day or so. I make my own sausages, meatballs and burger patties. These I freeze and when I’m busy in the garden and don’t want to be interrupted, I can quickly put some sausages in the oven for breakfast or dinner. There are always cakes for desserts in the freezer and making Beef Jerky for snacks in the middle of the day is also helpful. We are also finding that we only eat one or two meals a day. Our body has adjusted to the density of our meals so we don’t get hungry all the time. We listen to our bodies, we only eat when we need to.

For Us, having found Paleo accidentally was heaven sent. We don’t really focus on the medical attributes of this diet so much. Our focus is more on achieving eating Clean and Real food. This is how it supports anything that is happening to our bodies in a higher level. It sustains our body as we Ground it and it also assists in the transformation of our Soul to the next level. So as you can see, for Bob & I there is more to it.


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