Paleo Host Dining


Aside from the Farm Gate idea, the Underground Restaurant concept became part of our discussion. We’d heard about it from a friend while we were still in Vancouver. We were not really considering it during our first year in Nova Scotia, but when we finally bought our home we started playing with the idea. At first, we thought of extending the kitchen and building a solarium where we could maybe place a 12 seater dining table. We thought that would be a good size to host  Paleo Dining. Like all the dreams we have been creating, money is the last thing we considered. Most of the time when we do this, there was no ready funds to create our dream right away. That doesn’t stop us at all from talking about it or planning it because we know money will always come and it does! Adding a Solarium is quite expensive and we didn’t care, the Universe is Abundant!

During this talk about the addition, we were having our Greenhouse built. I was not really sure how it came about but all of a sudden, we were talking of a Harvest table. I’ve always wanted to have one and our conversation led to serving the Paleo Dining outdoors. Bob & I are by now really good at “day dreaming”. We have so much Fun in envisioning what we want to create in our life. The following day Bob mentioned the Harvest Table to our Contractor and it didn’t take us very long to make this plan happen. The 14 seater harvest table is built and it’s beautiful. It sure adds to the character of the backyard.

I didn’t start to seriously look into Paleo Hosting at our home, but one day I received a push to go ahead with it. That feeling was very strong, almost like a confirmation or approval. So, I decided I have to tackle this as soon as possible. I have already selected the dates for this year’s hosting. I am currently working on the Menus.  We think it will be fun to entertain and once again offer Paleo to those who want to get a break from cooking at home without giving up their food regime. I sure could use the break sometimes.

So please stay tuned for further developments.

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