Paleo at the Farmers Market

Three months after we arrived to Nova Scotia and settled in Digby, Bob & I started talking about our dreams again. While enjoying the hammocks under the tree, aside from the mini farm, we talked about our dream to build an Earthship for a Paleo Restaurant. I’m just fascinated by a natural building made from organic materials such as straw bales, clay, earthbags, etc. and how we could partner this building up with Paleo Dining.

One day an idea came to me ( yes, it seems like I’m a magnet of new visions)…. ”make some Maple Pecan and sell it farm gate.” So, I shared the idea with Bob and I asked him to build me a stand for my goodies. Bob thought I was nuts but he went along with me, we were like kids at play as we orchestrated the plan. Bob designed my farm gate booth while I made the for sale sign along with the Maple Pecans. We set it outside one nice day with an empty jar so that whoever wanted to buy could leave their money in it. We didn’t really expect anything from this. To us, it was an important step towards our Paleo Restaurant. We realized that everything we do from now on is achievable by how high our Energy’s vibrations are through our thinking, speaking and feeling. As the Law of the Universe says, you attract what you are. As a “baby step” we acted upon this idea without expectation. We did it to show our commitment to our dream. This is really what a baby step is about. We didn’t sell anything at all during this time but that didn’t bother us for we knew we set forth a motion towards our dream.

In the New Year of 2016, I wrote as an Intention (we write Intentions rather than Resolutions) “May we sell more Paleo goods via our Farm Gate.” Not very long after that Intention was set, another nudge to investigate the Farmers Market called to me. We didn’t know where the Farmers Market was at that time. Well, really we didn’t know anything about the Farmers Market because we hadn’t done one before. I was on my way to Vancouver when this idea came and I immediately threw an email to the Market Coordinator. To make my story short we were considered and given a spot at the Annapolis Farmers Market. As to be expected when the Universe hears our Intentions, it happens very quickly. We committed to participate but this was our very first gig at a farmers market and on top of that my very first Baking job for the public! I had to pull this together in a hurry. Why we were interested was not obvious to us at that time. We just went along acting on the nudge. I knew I would not be baking a lot so on our first day, I asked Bob to bring his Scallop Paintings to add to the table. We didn’t really have a plan you see. We couldn’t plan because we were not expecting all these to happen so quickly. Then it became clear why we were doing the market. It is to make Paleo available to those who wanted to have a healthy, clean and real food choices like us. The money wasn’t really the motivation. I had already let go of the business concept of making money since I left my own business as a Lifecoach. That concept doesn’t resonate with me anymore. I don’t believe in something that I have no control over like customers buying. For me this practice of buying and selling just presents a lot of stress. I came to believe that anyone who’s meant to buy our goods, will. Those who wanted to buy our product would find us. We were allowing Synchronicity to happen. How about the money? Bob & I trusted that our needs are provided for, always. This has become our way of life. For us, as long as we are getting our investment back we are happy.

Remember I talked about our Life Purpose? I believe that this is a manifestation of our Life Purpose slowly being revealed one step at a time.

We are now entering our third year servicing people with my Paleo Baking at the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market. It is always a pleasure to be there, meeting people who have the same lifestyle as we do and enjoying what I offer. The Paleo Restaurant is a bigger dream but slowly, we are building towards it … energetically. We are confident that one day we will see it created. When? Only the Universe/God knows and we are fine with that. What really is more exciting is the revelation of the baby steps because it’s filled with synchronicity, which makes us feel that we are not alone in creating our Dreams.


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