Paleo Weight Loss…or Not


The Paleo Diet has been known for assisting with losing weight. This was not our goal when we indulged ourselves with the Paleo way of eating. For us, it was a new experience to enjoy the real taste of food and how for example, a salad could taste sweet and delectable without the help of the dressing we used to buy in the store. It was also a treat to not concern ourselves with any limitations. We don’t worry about what not to eat or the portion of our meals. We can have Paleo cakes and other Paleo desserts without being afraid of throwing our bodies off the chart. We are comfortable that with moderation (as applied to anything else) and real food we are free to eat as long as we desire until our bodies are satiated.

When we started eating Paleo in the beginning of 2013, I weighed 185 pounds and Bob was carrying 265 pounds. We knew we had to do something about our weight but as we grew older we became more accepting of our bodies so to force ourselves into a “slimming diet” was not promising. I was more a yoyo when it comes to weight loss. I would successfully lose weight after an extensive exercise program only to get it back because I hadn’t cure my food issues. Bob on the other hand, couldn’t do much before 2012 because he had an existing back and knee injury that limited his activities.

So, when Bob was healed of his bodily pain during his trip to John of God and our change of lifestyle that followed, with the Paleo way of eating we started to shed the unwanted weight without even trying. I lost 45 pounds and Bob lost 47 pounds during the first 2 years, but most importantly, we felt really good. We didn’t have any feeling of discomfort in our bodies, the cold and flu and headaches associated with it went away. That is still very true to date that’s why we can claim that we are doctor free, actually health care free in these last 5 years. Now, aside from our diet, we have also been working on our mental and emotional health. As we changed our food selection, we also changed our way of thinking. We eliminated anything the would put stress into our lives. The formula is about the wellness of the Body, Mind and Spirit. We can actually tell you that we have no problems anymore. Yes, life is full of surprises and they may not all be pleasant, but we learned that attitude is the solution to any problems. Issues come and go and that’s the nature of Life, we experience contraction and expansion which means nothing is permanent, thus the problems go away, faster if we don’t get so hung up on them. This is the reason why Bob & I stay well.

Today, Bob & I have remained physically healthy although our weight has been fluctuating. We would like to blame the cakes! but at the same time, we also knew one thing that is happening to our bodies.

I mentioned about how we got started in Paleo after I asked for my Soul Purpose. There are many Souls who came in this lifetime whose purpose is to receive the Light Energies that the planet is receiving. We are one of them and because of these energies, it is quite difficult to do the things we needed to do to keep fit like exercise. We used to be able to fast once a year since our first year in Paleo but now we couldn’t even do it anymore. Our bodies act like a vessel for these Cosmic Energies that hit us and we often find ourselves tired. This doesn’t last a long time. Sometimes all we need is to Ground these energies, sometimes we just need to sleep in, sometimes it could be all day feeling sluggish and then the following day we are back to being like an energized bunnies. This presents some difficulties in planning an exercise regime or a detox program and the most irritating one is the on and off again weight gain. The stronger the Energies (which have been increasing since December of last year) the more pregnant looking we became…temporarily. Would we ever see the end of this? Definitely! This is part of our Ascension journey that we are fulfilling as our purpose in coming to the planet at this lifetime and maybe our last lifetime. Now can you see why we have to feed our bodies Clean Food?


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