Paleo & Homesteading


After starting our Paleo Lifestyle, not only did I awakened to cooking  Paleo, my desire to garden rolled in as well. Before this, I had no gift in growing or caring for plants. I was so busy as a working woman and wife and mother to even admire them. I retired from being self-employed right after my trip to John of God, heeding the need for me to focus on my Soul Purpose. Thus, I was able to allot time to cook Paleo and then this was followed by gardening. I was not into growing a beautiful garden. I was interested in growing food, medicinal herbs, high antioxidant fruits and vegetables for our salad. I was learning how to grow them from propagating to pruning. Before this I was killing plants, but that changed. Seeing the roots grow as I propagated them brought me great joy and I saw them multiply! That was a real kick! I was so happy to see life grow. My relationship with them began, I have connected with them. Now I understand why gardeners talk to their plants. As this was happening to me, Bob’s interest in Bees was also being born. He became engrossed with the idea and began studying about them. So, during this time, we thought we needed a bigger backyard space. This was when out of the blue a thought came… ”why not move to Nova Scotia.” Where that came from is still a Mystery. We could have moved to another part of the Greater Vancouver but when the idea of Nova Scotia popped up, both of us got excited. We haven’t been to Nova Scotia. We didn’t know anyone here but it became our dream place to live in.

So, from eating Paleo to growing food to moving to Nova Scotia, all these came INSPIRED. Today, we are living in Nova Scotia for 2/12 years. We have a ¼ acre backyard that we already filled with medicinal herbs, vegetable garden, fruit bearing bushes, pretty edible flowering plants, plants that attract the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, and we also have the bees and chickens to complete a homestead we dreamed of in Vancouver.

Our Life Purpose is being revealed to us one step at a time. All we do is live in the moment with joy. It’s only a year and we have a productive backyard and mini farm, but it didn’t stop there.

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